Belajar Bahasa Inggris. The writer, however got many ideas to write many articles from unimportant place like WC, Toilet. When defecating or taking motion at that place in the writer’s home, he accidentally finds brilliant ideas to write.

Many briliant ideas come from the toilet/water closet
Briliant ideas come from the toilet/WC

Nothing we can do during defecating, we’re just waiting for it to finish. At this time, we have lots of time to think, to introspect ourselves, don’t we? Yes, this happens to the writer. The writer can creatively make many articles, many tips and tricks for blog post. This place really gives him important ideas.

Thinking and trying to find brilliant ideas often appears from certain places, Toilet or water closet is one of the examples, have we ever thought of this before? Yeah, the writer suggest to all especially the reader of this blog, to use time as time is money, a wise word from the wise people.

This article will be shortly written. But from this article “Many ideas comes fromtoilet/water closet” hopely the writer can give information, tips, tricks to all that the future, the dream ande importat ideas sometimes comes from  the uncountable place, named “Toilet or Water closet


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