RecountText : A day with my beloved niece
On Sunday, July 21st 2013 My niece and I went to Ujung Negoro beach. It was located in Kandeman Sub district, Batang Regency, Central Java. I went there by motorcycle. We started going at around 09.00 a.m. in the morning. I usually passed along the road until I arrived at Bakalan Village. But I didn’t pass that way. I preferred to pass Simbang Jati Village, where I passed the subdistrict police station. It is nearer to pass this way, but it was a little trouble with the way. It was not as smooth as the big road, passing Bakalan Village, Kandeman.

Pantai Ujung Negoro
My vacation at Ujung Negoro Kandeman Batang Central Java

I arrived at Ujung Negoro an hour later. The beach was not as crowded as the usual holiday. Perhaps it is still the fasting moth so, people prefer to stay at home than go outside to have sightseeing. There were few visitors there. I saw there were some fishermen fishing at the bank of the sea. I once looked at them feeling happy because they got fish. My niece, her name is Fira and I enjoyed the sea atmosphere. It was fresh and windy and made us feel relax and comfortable.

At Ujung Negoro, I recorded a video. My niece helped me to take it. I tried to make a video for my blog, In the recording I sang a song titled, Balonku ada lima( I have five colorful balloons). I just wanted to kill the time, I just wanted to do something could be uploaded to my blog than stay idle. I was happy I could record and finally, I uploaded to You Tube Video then I embedded it in my posting(blog).

We had been at the beach two about two hours. We then went straightly to Batang. The first thing I did was, I prayed for Dzuhur at The great Mosque of Batang(Masjid Agung Batang) later I looked for a book for my sister. She wanted me to buy her “the collection of national and tribe songs book. Yes I bought for her finally. She was very happy. The book is her task at school. She is the fifth grade student of SD Siberuk.

The last journey was, I went to Pekalongan, the world city of Batik near Batang town. My sister asked me to accompany her to Ramayana Department store which is recently opened and launched. After arriving and parking my motorcycle, I directly came into Ramayana. During at Ramayana Mall, we didn’t buy anything. We just looked around from the first floor, then the second and the third one. My sister really enjoyed being at the escalator. She seemed eager to step her feet on the escalator moving up and down. The Mall gave  good discounts of goods like, shoes, clothes, and so on. The discounts were until 90%. Although the discounts are interesting but I really didn’t buy at all, hehe.. (the writer didn’t have money at that time). Fira, My niece felt happy when going to the game counter. But she just looked others play the games. She couldn’t do the games. Maybe some time, I will teach her how. And I want to take her to the place again.

It’s hot outside the building, after we satisfied looking around, then we went out, we were about to go home. We felt hungry and thirsty, it was okay because we still had fasting at that time. I finally arrived home at about half past four in the afternoon. 


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