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Pidato Bahasa Inggris
Pidato Bahasa Inggris(English Speech)

Berikut ini adalah contoh pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang “The role of English in Education”

Assalamualaikum wr. Wb.

Praise be to Allah, The Lord who has made the member of religious community of Muhammad as the member that are created for the benefit of all men.  Peace be upon Phophet Muhammad who instructs his member of religious community through his decree in Haditst that reads :” Those who wish the welfare on earth, the provisions of it is science and those who wish the welfare in the hereafter, ots provisions is science too. And theose who wish the welfare either in the world or in the Great Beyond must have provisions of science.
Ladies and gentlemen
Honorable juries
And dear audience.

Good morning,

First of all I’d like to thank the committee board that has given me time to deliver a speech. And the title of our speech is The role of English in Education.

Dear audience,

Mastering science well is as a condition of someone to gain bliss in life. For example; someone who master English well is able to improve his or her career, as English is as the international language. We have known that in modern era almost all aspects of life from the smallest to the biggest ones mostly use English as the Lingua franca of it. For instance; in the field of business, commerce, administration, and government. Knowing this, we are as students, we are demanded to be able to anticipate the situation, transition development, and the progress of civilization, even it is in the field of language. As the role of language is very important for the success or the failure or someone’s career.

Dear audience,
In the field of education, English plays as important role because by mastering English well, it means that we have a key to open the door of science. We can study science of which sources are written in English. I think we have known that almost all science books have been written in English, don’t we? And by mastering English well, we can exchange information with other countries about the thing which closely connected with education.  Nowadays our government has been sending the students abroad to study the science. And the students  that are sent are the students who master English of course. Because the science that will be studied by them is served in English. That’s why the role of English is considered very important in the field of education.

Dear audience,
I think we have known the importance of English, manly in this era and we are going to face the globalization era, aren’t we? Aren’t we aware about this? And what will we have to prepare for facing the globalization era? The answer is studying the science. And studying science needs a skill in language, and the language that has to be mastered is only English because it is the only international language. Knowing the importance of English, as students we must study and master it. If we can’t master it, we will be left to study the science. I know that English used to be as a bugaboo subject in the eyes of students, it used to be, but now it isn’t. As almost all students nowadays have been aware of the importance of it and English in the eyes of them is as a language that must be studied and mastered.

Dear audience,
That’s all for my speech, and I hope what I have delivered can be an addition of knowledge for the students in order to know the importance of English in the field of education.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr. Wb.


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