Belajar tentang pronoun. Ya, pada postingan kali ini penulis sengaja menyambung postingan artikel tentang parts of speech di mana artikel yang pertama tentang noun(kata benda), selanjutnya pada kesempatan ini penulis ingin discuss about Pronoun. Sebelum belajar Bahasa Inggris, maka materi tentang pronoun ini dirasa sangat penting sekali. Apa itu pronoun? Pronoun adalah kata ganti yang menggantikan kata benda. Berikut ini akan penulis jelaskan:

Belajar Pronoun kata ganti
Belajar Pronoun

1.   Personal pronoun
Ø  Personal pronoun yang menggantikan subjek,, yaitu: I, you, we, they, he she dan it. Kata ganti ini berkedudukan sebagai subjek dalam kalimat.
a.    I go to school every day except Sunday.
b.    You are eating banna
c.    We shall have a foot ball match
d.   They have already visited Bali four times
e.    She was cooking in the kitchen
f.     He wrote a letter for his mom
g.   I have a cat. It has a beautiful fur.

Ø  Personal pronoun yang menggantikan Objek,, yaitu: me, you, us, them, him, her dan it. Kata ganti ini berkedudukan sebagai objek dalam kalimat.
a.    Do you love me?
b.    I want to go with you
c.    Father and mother really cares about us
d.   I have some friends. I want to give them a gift
e.    She doesn’t brave to tell him
f.     Uncle will give her money
g.   Nita has a doll. She really loves it

2.   Pronoun sebagai adjective(possessive adjective)
Pronoun yang menerangkan milik/kepunyaan. Pronoun ini digunakan sebelum noun.  Yaitu: my, your, our, their, his, her, its.
Contoh dalam kalimat:
a.    Those are my books.
b.    Can I borrow your computer?
c.    What is our National Anthem?
d.   I forget to bring their homework.
e.    Anita has a boy friend. His nose is pointed.
f.     Rio likes her way of saying.
g.   Aunt has a dog. Its body colour is black and white

3.   Pronoun yang menunjukkan kepunyaan(Possessive pronoun)
Pronoun ini digunakan untuk menjelaskan kepunyaan/kepemilikan. Misalnya: mine, yours, ours, theirs, his, hers, its.
Contoh dalam kalimat:
a.    This netbook is mine.
b.    That car is yours.
c.    These calculators are ours.
d.   Those fans are theirs
e.    The cat is his
f.     Shinta has a watch. It is hers
g.   A cat has a tail. The tail is its

4.   Pronoun sebagai adverb ( reflexive pronoun)
Misalnya: myself, yourself, ourselves, themselves, himself, herself, itself.
Contoh dalam kalimat:
a.    I buy a laptop myself
b.    You look yourself on the mirror
c.    We must introspect ourselves.
d.   They must pay themselves for what they have done
e.    He regrets himself for making mistake.
f.     She praises herself for what she has reached.
g.   The cat scratches itself.

Demikian penjelasan mengenai Pronoun yang dapat penulis sajikan. Semoga bermanfaat bagi pembaca. Maturnuwun.


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