Right now, I’ve been teaching in MTs, Mts Darul Hikmah Subah. I’ve been here for about one month. I teach Englih and Information and communication technology(ICT). I am a new teacher here. Alhamdulillah after I resigned from elementary school I tried to apply, sent my application letters to some schools, and so far MTs Darul Hikmah accepted me. The headmastress gives me only 8 hours to teach. It’s Okay as I am the new one teaching. I hope headmastress will soon give more hours teaching English.

MTs Darul Hikmah dan SMK Bintara Batang
MTs Darul Hikmah Subah and SMK Bintara Batang

The next news is that SMK Bintara Batang also accepted me then, after teaching at MTs for one month. I teach only three days in Mts, and I can also teach in SMK, the other 3 days. If MTs trusts me to teach for only eight hours, it’s different here at SMK, The headmaster of SMK trusts me to teach full here, from the tenth to the twelfth grade. Six hours for the twelfth, 4 hours for the eleventh and 4 hours for the tenth grade.

I must concentrate, teaching both in MTs and SMK, Now, I have my days teaching..3 days in SMK and the other 3 days in MTs. What a busy day it is for me than the previous days. It’s OK, I must do the best for my students. The hard tasks have been waiting for me, A very big responsibility I think, but with my hard working, my effort I can pass the hardest


  1. Good luck, finally gotta new environment. It must be more challenging than previous time. But I wanna know your idea, why they student's lost his voice after meeting with expatriates or bule or native speaker. Seem all his knowledge fade away away the same time with his expression. The funniest thing, even with a kidz, younger than him.

    How should I do, for conquering this case? If you have some experiences, wish you glad to share by this blog. As my own experienced, I have sense of "ndableg" than feeling ashamed as I have own target as the result. little bit humiliated, at first time, but I gotta big deal at conclusion. If somebody gotta laughing with this technique, I just say - that's the way it is. He3x, my sentence actually, just cropping from Celine Dion song.

    Right here waiting for sharing your experience.


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